Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thunder Beach Bikers! Panama City Florida Biker Leather & Helmets

Welcome Thunder Beach bikers to the worlds most beautiful beaches! Panama City and Panama City Beach is beautiful this time of year and there are many fun activities for you to participate in.

Thunder Beach Productions offers 7 different venues for bikers looking for fun! All with free parking, this is truly a BIKER FRIENDLY event.

There will be many vendors located at these venues, but let me tell you, these vendors pay a LOT for rental spaces to sell their wares so of course they have to jack their prices up.

If you are looking for something less expensive so you can save your money for other things, come on down to Ghost Rider Leather in Panama City.

We are located at:

1570 W. 15th Street, on the corner of Lisenby Avenue and 15th Street. We are next door to Big Lots inside the old Wood World store. A Mini Mall features an indoor variety of shops including Ghost Rider Biker Leather and Motorcycle Helmets.

Ghost Rider Leather offers discounted leather jackets, leather chaps, leather vests, motorcycle helmets, both DOT helmets and novelty helmets. We also have leather handbags, helmet mohawks, chain wallets, and much more.

You may call us at 850-276-8590. If I'm not available leave a message and I'll be happy to call you back.