Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Biker Leather - The SAFE way to ride your motorcycle..... I welcome all bikers, no matter what wonderful type or model of motorcycle you ride to join this blog. You and I are part of a special subculture phenomenon known as BIKERS! In the "olden days" bikers were thought of as trash, hoodlums, lazy, good for nothing bums who did not work for a living. Today, we know that there are bad apples in every barrel, however, in this case, the majority of bikers are hard working people who love to ride and who take pride in their bike and themselves. Bikers come from all walks of life, from the average joe who is just making it paycheck to paycheck to the extremely wealthy.

There are many celebrities who love to ride and show off their bikes. Motorcyclists are all over the world. This is definitely an international love affair. If you know the cost of a new motorcycle these days, you would realize that bikers have to make a fairly decent living to afford to buy one and to maintain it, insure it, and customize and accessorize it. Male and female bikers also need protection. This comes in the form of DOT, (Department of Transportation) approved motorcycle helmets, leather jackets, leather chaps, leather vests, leather saddlebags, and many other available motorcycle accessories.

Todays biker not only wears his or her motorcycle leathers for safety, they wear it to make a fashion statement and bond with other bikers. A leather jacket that is solid, good quality and perhaps has a motorcycle club patch or patches on it, shows pride in themselves. A leather jacket is worn not only for the good looks but for safety. If for instance, a biker drops his bike, and his or her body skids down the road a ways, the tough leather jacket should take most or all of the damage rather than the riders skin.

Let us know about how your leather jacket or leather chaps have saved your skin. Tell us your stories, your adventures, your motorcycle club affiliations, etc. This blog is an excellent chance for you to make new friends with similar interests. Bikers unite!

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